In 2011, when my son Jeremy and I went “shopping” for an orthodontist, we made appointments at three different offices. Luckily for us, we were one and done after meeting the awesome Drs Weinberger and fabulous Madison. Jeremy refused to go to the other two appointments. I was in complete agreement with my then 11 year old. For the next two years of treatment we were warmly greeted by the incredibly friendly staff  Lively conversation was always part of a visit. Every visit made you feel like you were a part of something special. I cannot thank the team enough for all they did to make Jeremy’s smile so perfect. He loves his smile and has no problem showing it off. Jeremy is actually going to miss going there (Me too). Not many kids who have had braces can say that about their orthodontists. Our experience there was truly a positive and memorable one. We love you all!

Stacie Miller

 I visited the offices of Weinberger Orthodontics after going all over Long Island for consultations about my smile.  At age 40, my teeth were starting to become uneven, and my smile was very narrow, making my mouth look small. I hated the way my smile looked in pictures and I wanted a wider smile, with straighter teeth (think Sofia Vergara).

All the consultations I received prior to visiting Dr. Todd Weinberger were devastating. One Orthodontist told me I needed at least 3 years of metal braces, another told me $40,000 of Veneers would ‘do the trick’.

Overwhelmed with these dramatic options, I made an appointment to talk to Dr. Todd Weinberger. This appointment changed my smile FOREVER. Dr. Todd understood that I wanted a wider smile with straighter teeth, and more importantly, he knew how to get me there without $40,000 of veneers or metal braces. After analyzing my smile, teeth and facial structure with his state-of-the-art equipment, he came back to me and said he could give me exactly what I wanted, (within 18 months) with Invisalign.  Though I was HIGHLY skeptical that Invisalign would be able to achieve such a drastic result, I put my trust in Dr. Todd and his incredible staff for 18 months of Invisalign treatment.

I just completed my 18 month treatment and my smile is absolutely gorgeous… stunning in fact. Widening my smile and straightening my teeth has made me look younger, more lifted! Friends and family constantly ask me “What did you do, you look amazing?” I tell them, “I had a smile make-over by Dr. Todd Weinberger.”

Not only is Dr. Todd a leader in Orthodontics, his ENTIRE staff is incredible. I cannot say enough about the kindness and professionalism and genuine caring of every person in his office, especially Madison. I strongly encourage anyone unhappy with their smile (at any age) to give Weinberger Orthodontics a call for a consultation.

Rebeca Cardenas

Just wanted to drop a line expressing how happy we are with Drs. Gary and Todd Weinberger! My daughter Amanda came to see Dr. Weinberger and she was given a palate expander to correct her cross bite and was told she would probably need braces after that. Well, after the treatment they told us the expander did such a good job correcting her cross bite that she did not need braces at this time! They continued to follow her to make sure they treated her teeth properly at the appropriate times to minimize the severity and length of treatment. We really appreciate this kind of care and honesty. Not all Drs. just give braces for the sake of it! Drs. Gary and Todd really treat each patient as an individual with the utmost of care. Thank you so much!
Carrie and Amanda

Our experience with Drs. Gary and Todd was wonderful. My daughter’s braces were just removed and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The Doctors and their staff were so helpful and attentive. They always made visits to the office enjoyable and fun!
-Neal Levine

Yippie and Yahoo!  Quinn has the most amazing smile and he was so excited to get his braces off just days before his 6th grade graduation!  He loved every visit to your office and is only sad that his time with you is over.  I loved that we walked in and danced in no time flat.  Most of my friends thought I was crazy to drive from Manhasset to Plainveiw for an appointment, upon hearing that the boys never had to wait and we could be in and out during school’s lunch period they understood.  No wonder everyone that makes, what they think will be a long journey, are wowed by your entire practice.

Thank you for making the experience a joy for all of us!  Only 1 more year and Oliver will end his treatment with you. That will be a bitter sweet day. Keep smiling!
Kathy Reinhardt

When searching for an orthodontist to treat my two daughters and eventually myself as well, we really hit the jackpot!  Both Doctors Gary and Todd Weinberger are not only skilled, but also compassionate, encouraging and kind.  The staff is extremely friendly and professional.  We never waited long for a scheduled appointment and always got the very best care.  There are no words to describe how much we would recommend this office without hesitation.  Whatever our needs were, they were always met with the proper attention and guidance.  In addition, our results after treatment are beautiful and lasting.  We honestly feel like they are a part of our family.

Brian, Dale, Jenna & Rachel Goerke

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